The owner’s story

Anne Styren: – I first encountered Columbi in 2016 and was immediately both curious and excited. The method that gives each participant the opportunity to share their personal view on a current situation felt so right. When I was given the opportunity to acquire Columbi in 2019, it was an easy decision to make. I realised, from the very start what a great tool this is. Columbi is versatile, swift and honest.
Columbi is quite simply a genial way to give people their say, without exerting influence on them.

I, like most others, have answered many surveys over the years. Few have been really good. The majority are reflections of someone else’s interest areas and that means the questions and pre-set answers seldom match the issues important to me. As a respondent you then often lose patience and just click through the various squares to get it done, rather than reflecting on what you want to say.

Columbi adopts a new perspective by focusing on what a respondent would like to say. As Columbi starts with an open question, every respondent can share input from his/her own unique position. This method – allowing individual and subjective input – is the basis for my interest in Columbi. It is such a positive situation when everybody can have their say, on equal terms. Subjectively.

Another bonus with Columbi is that the digital interview and process can be used in so many areas and situations. The opportunities for in-depth insights are plentiful. Columbi can map the employees current work-situation, views on team co-operation or how you as a client perceive the quality of the service provided. We can ask leaders and executives how they view the work being done on the executive board or in the management team or ask participants in a webinar or online educational seminar what their true impressions are. Finally, we can ask the members of the sports-club what is most important for them, honestly without bias. Don’t guess, find out! And with Columbi you’ll have an excellent starting point to assess and develop your activities or co-operation.

So – if truth be told – what does your team or group really feel or think about the situation at hand? With Columbi you will know.