Columbi was created as a way to enable co-workers to express their views on the current work situation and to enable the group with an accurate and mutual base for plans forward. Therefore, Columbi WORK is our most important tool, an amazing way to create common ground.
Today we have enlarged the toolbox. If truth be told, Columbi’s unique method of collecting subjective insights can be used in so many ways and for many different groups.

How would you describe your current work situation? Variations of the tool is available for Covid-crisis management or effects of home-work due to the pandemic. Want to try it? Click here!

What characterises the co-operation in the management or executive board? Are we on the same track?

How would the employees describe corporate culture and values? Are these insights consistent with aims and goals?

What defines quality in the minds of our clients? Are we living up to expectations?

How did the participants react to the online-event? Find out the true values and what needs to be adjusted.

What values should we enforce and what needs to get better, so that we keep our members? What is of importance to them?